Street photography tips & learning from others! – My new project! :-)

Street photography has become a huge passion of mine. Tho i’ve only been doing it a short while compared to most, i am addicted!

One of the things i love about street photography is the way it’s helping me improve other aspects of my photography as well as build a great community check out instagram #street_ga.

Im super keen to continue to learn, develop and help others too. I thought it would be a good idea to add a side project to my YouTube channel. This will include influences from other street photographers – new and old, with the aim of us learning from their styles and experiences! – And eventually travel!

Im hoping to make this side section a weekly addition to the channel, although only on episode 3 im learning tons already!

The aim is to include:

  • Other photographers work
  • Critique and editing
  • Street photography books with points of interest
  • Interviews with other street photographers
  • Project and challenges
  • Facebook group for sharing and learning
  • Tips and tricks

As i mentioned, the channel (section) is still very new, tho there is already a fantastic group of talented street photographers in the Facebook group.

I’ve had lots of RAW files sent in for me to critique and edit in the episodes.

Author Brian Lloyd Duckett has sent me a signed copy of his book after watching one of the episodes, that was cool!

And hero/influencer street photographer Mark Fearnley sent me an image to edit and critique too!

And lots of positive feedback from my subscribers who say they’re enjoying the more educational style of photography ‘vlog’

So yeah! great start to what looks to be a very educational sideline to the channel!

Im hugely excited to see where it takes us and hope to learn tons along the way.

Would love for you to join! If you’re into street photography (why else would you be reading this haha) click here and join the community!

Thanks for reading! Ga 🙂

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