Street Photography


“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… “

Elliott Erwitt


Street photography is more than just being on the streets with your camera, sorry.. it’d be far too easy else haha. 

Street photography combines the ability to be able to see interesting human elements or interactions, in a public environment..  No, street photography doesn’t need to be on a street,  anywhere which isn’t private is a potential street photography location. As long as the image is candid (not posed) is interesting, and has a human element, it’s considered to be street photography.

There aren’t any rules as such, and many traditional street photographers consider there to be different types of ‘street’ photography.

Life – non posed, with a point to the image. Similar (tho not the same as documentary photography) The street photographer will be set up and actively looking for a spontaneous moment. It’s crucial they are alert and camera ready!

Humorous – capturing a funny moment with an interaction, object or scene. these images are harder to find, often a challenge for a street photographer documenting a long term project.

Fine-art – simplistic, often high contrast modern images. Tho candid yield a more visually pleasing aesthetic. These images often require more patience and planning with light and timing.

Abstract and details – Isolating small interest from the environment, using light or shape to question the viewer’s eye.


If you would like to join me on a shoot, or are interested in a street photography workshop, please CONTACT ME to discuss where you’d like to shoot and your requirements for the day. Workshops are priced based on your choice of location and the duration, and can be located anywhere in the world, travel costs might apply.

Each workshop is customised to what you need, though as standards we will discuss and break down the fundamentals basic techniques of street photography. This includes:

  • Camera settings (being ready)
  • Confidence on the streets
  • How to find a composition
  • What is a good and bad street photograph
  • Focusing & guaranteeing a sharp image 
  • How to work a scene

We do tend to walk a lot on street photography workshops, so do let me know if you have any limitations on fitness, id be happy to accommodate that. 

  1.  1-2-1 street photography full day workshop £200* 
  2.  Small group (up to 4) – Full day £80* per person
  3.  Shoot & Edit. 6 hr shoot 2 hrs looking through and editing* (Skype or after shoot) £250*

Gift vouchers available on request.

* Price may be subject to additional mileage and accommodation charges, contact me for a quotation.

Many thanks, Gareth 🙂

Gareth Danks
Phone: 07429 318251